First Blog: What You Will See And Hopefully Gain From This New Site's Writings

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Over the past year I have been reducing my administrative and counseling responsibilities at The Center for Christian Counseling & Relationship Development, LLC in Marlton, NJ ( My love for counseling and God-giftedness for it has only increased over the decades of providing services. However, this shift is occurring because of the Spirit's leading in my life.

I am led to continue writing, as I have been doing for the past 20 years or so. And my love for and appreciation of it has grown. It is always exciting to pen discovered truths (and developed opinions) from counseling clients interactions and scriptural and psychological studies. Hence, this writing website.

From college days to the present I have focused on acquiring a depth understanding of the nature and relationships of God and people, including myself. The interactions of our human nature (body, mind, emotions, and sin) with our spiritual nature (our spirit made alive by God, His indwelling Holy Spirit, and spiritual warfare) have been center stage in my thinking, writing, and counseling practice.

I think Scripturally, psychologically, uncommonly, and beyond the basics. I wish to further share through this site the knowledge and wisdom God has given me and hopefully will continue to give me as I seek to fulfill His lifelong calling to me to minister to His people.

More specifically, my free and Shop writings will focus on self-understanding (image, esteem, purpose, why's of behavior, emotional healing...), knowing God and scripture (developing an in depth, personal healing (not wounding) theology of God's character, desires, and interactions with us, heaven and earth...), and relational dynamics of God, others, and one's self (our desperate need for relational connections, supremacy of love, untapped resources of community, mental health issues, ins and outs of attachment and detachment with God, others, and self...).

In the future, I hope to develop eCourses (couples, sense of community for small groups/churches, among others). Currently, I am working on a book (fiction) that expresses an inviting, in depth, and relevant to everyday Christian living theology.

I will be posting 2 blogs a month so you can visit about every other week to view them. Or, if you over time believe my blogs are relevant to you, you may choose to sign up as a member for weekly blogs in greater depth. There are other advantages to signing up. Go here to review those benefits... Thank you for visiting. His abundant peace be yours always.


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