Nothing New Under the Sun: Cancel Culture

“And that which has been done is that which will be done. So there is nothing new under the sun. Is there anything of which one might say, ‘See this, it is new’? Already it has existed for ages” (Ecc 1:9b-10a). What “has been done…will be done” is a reference to human activity and cosmological events (although variations and intensities exist). And “under the sun” is understood as life on earth and life without God.

We see evidence in Solomon’s view that there is nothing new under the sun when we review the whole of Scripture where many stories of human interactions and God’s prophetic messages are similar, not new, save the awesome story and mystery of Christ, His kingdom on earth, and His reign in the “new Jerusalem” (Isa 46:2-9; Mt 1:18-23; Rev 21:1). Even the majority of Revelation’s end-time, tribulation prophecy follows along well-trodden paths of human and spiritual interactions, although, again, with far greater intensity.

The Scriptural pattern of interactions between God and people so often follow this line: people sin, God chastises or punishes, people repent, and God blesses.We also see the same, repeated stories of a blood sacrifice (a death) that is needed to atone for people’s sins, first through animals, then through the final sacrifice of the Lamb, Jesus Christ (He is new in that He, the Son of God, is God’s human sacrifice and last sacrifice ever needed). We see also continuous wars between good and evil on an international level. And we are all familiar with Scripture’s references to the internal, individual wars between one’s sin nature and one’s conscience, born-again spirit, and the Holy Spirit. In all the Bible’s stories, in the end, the Lord God and His people are mightily victorious.

There is also nothing new in the activities of Satan. We see similarities in the narcissistic, evil, harmful, and controlling activities of Satan who is bent on replicating his own personality, beliefs, and actions in others, even to the end of time in the world-dominating influence of the Antichrist. Time after time, from the tower of Babel to the present, Satan continues in his efforts to set up one monetary, religious, and governmental system.

The pathways of human evil are well-worn. A prime example of “nothing new” can be seen in the history of cancel culture. We are familiar with it occurring in America today, but it existed before in ancient Lebanon. The prophet Isaiah wrote these words, the “ruthless…scorner…all who are…doing evil…cause a person to be indicted by a word, and ensnare him who adjudicates…and defraud the one in the right with meaningless arguments” (Isa 29::20-21).

Cancel culture remains ruthless in its efforts to erase or void the rights of anyone who utters a word opposing their reality or agenda, such as labeling one a racist for the wrongful use of a single pronoun or for asserting a critical truth of warning of a selected group (e.g., LGBTQ), and that, whether the “sin" occurred yesterday or 30 years ago. There is no forgiveness, even upon confession and repentance. Cancel culture has captured some judges who are in the hip pocket of the political party that appointed them. And the evil of cancel culture has primarily invaded the world of leftist elites who repeatedly engage in meaningless, nonsensical, and hypocritical arguments with anyone who voices disagreement with their “truth”, such as the DOJ supporting the mislabeling of assertive parents at school board meetings as “domestic terrorists”.

Knowing there is nothing new under the sun and possessing prophetic, end-time writings should prevent us being caught by surprise by news of corruption, power-grabbing, the suppression of truth, and other forms of evil. If we are Scripturally well informed and adopt a Scriptural world-view, we are at least somewhat forewarned and prepared to handle the “come what may” in our local towns, cities, and in the whole of America.

For me, these truths help me keep my feet on the ground, my mind on the kingdom of heaven, and my heart safe from the harmful turmoil of broken trust in human’s limited endeavors, such as an earthly government where corruption always has a presence. Despite many of our leaders’ efforts to paint themselves and our form of government as a god (and I believe ours is the best government ever created by people and established by God), government is not a savior. There is only one Savior and one trustworthy, spiritual form of government, the kingdom of God. In our kingdom there is one “[J]udge” [Supreme Court], one “[L]awgiver” [Congress], and one “[K]ing” [President] (Isa 33:22).

And although an earthly government is necessary and established by God (Rom 13:1), we look not to or trust in any earthly government to be our deliverer, protector, security, or god, but only to Christ’s established kingdom of God. This is the kingdom in which we live and has no end.

We can fully trust in Christ as King of the kingdom. We can unconditionally depend on His laws and judicial decisions. May we not glory in and hold in unreasonable esteem our earthly government, but in His forever kingdom.

It is likely similar attitudes and beliefs were held by Christ’s followers during the first three centuries when Christians abstained from political involvement. What did they know that today's Christians are not grasping?

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