Scripture Is and Will Be (Mis)Used to Discredit Christianity

If you have read my writings, you know I believe a more aggressive form of persecution of conservatives and Christians is coming to America. Evil in the world and here at home is gaining converts and strength. Yet, simultaneously, I also expect to see an increase in the encouraging and supportive activity of God through the Holy Spirit. We saw the two worlds of good and evil rise together at the time of Christ.

A group of brothers and I recently read and discussed Robert Jones’ book, “White Too Long: The Legacy of White Supremacy in American Christianity”. As anticipated, it was discouraging to read the never-ending, racial attacks on all of American Christians. All-the-while the author claimed proof of systemic racism in the halls of Christianity because his findings were based on the significant outcome of psychological research (albeit poor and racist research). The unquestioned acceptability of Jones’ publication is becoming more commonplace in our general population.

Why did our read it? I suggested the material because we Christians can no longer bury our heads in the sand. In order to witness to oppositionists, curb destructive evil, and preserve our religious freedom we need an effective apologetics. And we can’t develop a defense if we do not understand those who write such biased opinions.

The aim of Jones’ book and other propaganda writings is to disempower and dismantle Christianity by casting us all in a negative light and rendering us guilty of racism and not caring about social justice or the welfare of the planet, as three of many examples.

As Jones’ said, inherent in the Bible (therefore, Jesus and the Father) and in the DNA of Christians is the attitude of white supremacy. According to him, those who say it is not so are guilty, whether or not one has conscious awareness of its existence. In essence, the liberals’ growing challenge to our identity and our righteousness in Christ is that we, as well as God, Christ, and Scripture, are being portrayed as villainous.

It is highly likely that the evolving and “enlightened" thinking of our culture and supportive laws will espouse the idea that any critical speech against another group of Americans, such as homosexuality is sinful, calling a virus a China virus, reporting Black Lives Matter is a racist, bigoted, communist organization, etc., will incur punishments, such as fines and/or imprisonment and that regardless if it true or not. The following are a few examples that I believe will gain more momentum as evil and lawlessness continue to be proudly and boldly expressed in broad daylight in our culture.


1 Corinthians 11:3-15 tell us men are to be the head (the authority) over women because women were created for men’s sake (:9). Women should have long hair - a covering because of possible wayward angels (:6, 10). And in 1 Corinthians14:34-35 we read, “women are to keep silent in churches…it is improper for a woman to speak in church. And there are other verses commanding the same behavior (1 Cor 14:34; 1 Ti 2:11-15).


Jesus, the disciples, and the church permitted and supported slavery down through the centuries because they failed to speak against it, so Jones’ writes. Philemon speaks about returning a slave to his master. Other verses encourage readers to become slaves to others. Christians are labeled as slaves of righteousness and of Christ. Slaves are to obey their masters, and not to rebel or fight against one’s role (Mk 10:44; Mt 25:21; Rom 6:18; Eph 6:5-6).


Conservative Christianity teaches the behavior of those who are LBGTQ+ are committing a sin’ that is, a perversion of sex or creation. Sexual relating and living together outside of marriage is not condoned by conservative Christians. Some characters in Scripture committed polygamy and, yet, allowed to be in leadership over God’s chosen people, such as David and Solomon.


Conservative Christianity rejects all other religions as able to know the One true God and enter into heaven because Christ is the only way, truth, and life. Oppositionists will likely agree we want to ensure our religious freedoms and rights, while denying others the same. They may say we indirectly persecute those of other faiths by keeping ourselves separate from them, refusing friendship, and even rejecting them because of their sinful living.

Science vs. Faith

Some, perhaps many, Christians will refuse to obey science-based recommendations, social advice and encouragements, and even some governmental laws. Probably examples include resistance to receiving viral vaccinations and chip implants and not to assemble as a church for health or other reasons. All of which will be held as evidence of our senseless faith and myopic, self-willed, and unloving attitude that should incur the righteous wrath of Khan (Star Trek villain).

Impediments to Christians’ peaceful way of life on earth are growing. But that is not new. We should expect the world to mistreat us, to hate us, as they did Jesus who was perfect. Thus we will be treated, if we freely live our testimony out in the open and are committed to boldly bring His light into the world's darkness.

Take courage, after living among us, Jesus can throughly understand and sympathize with our plight, empower us to continue walking in the Spirit, and strengthen our ability to keep our life-giving faith to the end, and that with a joy the world cannot understand. This Jesus did, and His Spirit that lives within us will do so until we are face to Face with Him.

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